For Law Firms

Ken’s practice consults with law firms who are called upon to handle emerging, complex or unfamiliar intellectual property issues.

Collaborating or brainstorming with an experienced specialist who has handled a wide range of IP matters can add considerable value to a firm’s representation of its clients.

Ken has teamed with and advised attorneys in private practice in handling litigation, transactions, disputes, clearance, strategic planning, client education and brand crisis management. For example:

  • In March 2013, Ken teamed with a local Oregon firm to defend a trademark infringement action before the United States District Court in Portland, and defeated a retailer’s effort to obtain a TRO and preliminary injunction against a competing local retailer on the latter’s behalf. Ken also helped devise and draft a settlement of the contentious and complex trademark issues. (The case has since been resolved and dismissed.)
  • Ken has advised law firms in New York and Oregon in their handling of particular trademark disputes before federal and state courts;
  • Ken has drafted briefs and office action replies challenging USPTO rejections of pending trademark applications filed by other firms.