For Individuals & Small Businesses

Ken is one of few attorneys available in a small private practice setting who can offer extensive experience handling high-level trademark, copyright and technology issues for major global brands.

Ken can advise you and your businesses in:

  • Protecting your rights in your creative works, trademarks, logos, product and other designs, business names, etc. through registration and strategic use.
  • Handling disputes involving your trademarks, creative works, domain names, product designs and the like. Whether you are on the receiving end of another’s objection, or need to assert your rights agaisnt a potential infringer, a knowledgeable adviser’s early involvement can help you achieve a better outcome.
  • Clearing trademarks, logos, and creative works to minimize the risk of violating another’s rights.
  • Marketing, licensing and selling your creative works and trademarks to others both here and overseas.
  • Creating trademarks that will be easier for you to protect, defend and profit from.
  • Gaining an education in the intellectual property laws, practices, strategies and concerns that may impact your work or business.