Ken’s practice specializes in trademarks and brand protection, technology, trade dress, copyright, publicity rights, marketing and related legal, business and creative issues.

Since 2008, we have happily served a diverse clientele, including:

  • apparel, beauty, fashion, fitness, sports, jewelry and nutrition brands and retailers;
  • communications, software, semiconductor, aerospace and automotive companies;
  • creative agencies;
  • professional associations;
  • individual artists, writers and software developers; and
  • law firms seeking specialized assistance with transactions and/or litigation

Our clients include both well-established and emerging companies, start-ups, small businesses and individuals, all of whom recognize the value of protecting their intellectual property assets.

Our clients are located throughout the United States (and beyond), from midtown Manhattan to downtown Seattle, Silicon Valley to Boston’s Route 128 corridor, San Francisco to Montreal to Washington, D.C. We also work with foreign companies to protect their intellectual property rights here in the United States.

We offer legal services tailored . . .

. . . for individuals & small businesses
. . . for companies
. . . for law firms